Frequently Asked Questions

USSD response from operator contain correct symbols

In case, if USSD response from operator contain wrong characters (from wrong code page), please click by right mouse button (or, in the tablet case, prolonged retention of) on the title bar and then select opposite option in context menu "UCS2 bytes order":


How to send Flash messages?

To create Flash message just double click on envelope icon in "New message" dialog:

Please remember, that length of Flash message is limited by 70 symbols.


USSD requests in Windows 7

USSD requests are not supported in Windows 7


How to edit or/and create own templates for USSD?

To edit USSD templates please go to menu Options -> Settings and then press button "USSD Templates".

As well you can store/edit own USSD templates by yourself by editing file MbnSms.ussd (file MbnSms.ussd should be stored in the same folder as application exe file).


Signal strength in dBm?

To get signal strength in dBm will need to double-click on signal icon in status bar.

If you would like to see signal level in dBm after start of program, you can define parameter ShowSignalStrength in system registry, as:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\black-it\Mobile Broadband SMS Toolkit\Settings]



LTE standard itself is not designed for voice calls, primary LTE is designed just for data transmission.
Meantime USSD commands (by simplified words) it is control channel inside voice traffic.

Any mobile phone in case of incoming or outcoming calls is automatically switching from LTE to GSM family standards.
(excluding VoLTE cases)

So, accordingly, in case, if your LTE modem has been locked to use only LTE technology (by this application, or by any other tools/settings), then USSD commands will not work at all in this case too.


How to use user defined tray icons?

- Create new icon
- Icon size 16x16
- Copy new customized icons in to the application folder
- Icon names:

  TRAYICON1.ICO - Application / general
  TRAYICON2.ICO - Application / new SMS
  TRAYICON3.ICO - Data class unknown
  TRAYICON4.ICO - Data class GPRS
  TRAYICON5.ICO - Data class EDGE
  TRAYICON6.ICO - Data class UMTS
  TRAYICON7.ICO - Data class HSPA
  TRAYICON8.ICO - Data class LTE

You can download few predefined tray icons sets/templates from download page


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